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CEE the Opportunity | Business Seminar | ICT & Slovakia

Business Seminar | ICT & Slovakia

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Business Seminar | ICT & Slovakia


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3 April 2014

World Trade Centre
The Hague, the Netherlands

‘Slovakia offers an attractive Ecosystem for the ICT Market’

On April 3rd, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic and the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia organized a seminar about the opportunities for near shoring and cooperation in Slovakia at the World Trade Centre in The Hague. The event focused on the attractive ICT ecosystem that has developed in Slovakia and aimed to introduce the Dutch sector to the entrepreneurial opportunities of this global up and comer in Information and Communication Technologies.

In five speeches more than 40 attendees out of 30 financial institutions, software and other industries companies have been given an introduction to the Slovak ICT sector. Several Slovak companies offered the participants of the seminar a peek behind the scenes of their success.

We hereby offer you the opportunity to download their presentations:


H.E. Mr. J. Chlebo, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in the Netherlands

In his role of event host, Mr. Chlebo emphasized the primary reasons for Slovakia’s successful development in the global ICT Market. The country currently ranks amongst the global top 15 on Gartner’s list of attractive entrepreneurial destinations in the sector.  ‘Whether applied to near shoring or one of the other aspects that we offer as an EU Member State, Slovakia offers many opportunities that we would like to bring to the sectors attention with this seminar.’

Click here to download the presentation.


Mr. J.L. Voortman, Board Member of The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia and Managing Director of Davinci

As chair of the event and Dutch entrepreneur with experience of outsourcing in Slovakia, Voortman expressed why he is very positive about the opportunities for software development in the country. ‘Slovaks are reliable, driven, hard workers. Clear assignments render excellent performances. The entire ICT ecosystem offers much opportunity for companies that are looking to expand their horizons’.

Click here to download the presentation.


Mr. Dusan Kráľ, CEO Axasoft

Mr. Kráľ stated in line with Axasoft’s advanced ‘Point of Sales Solutions’ that the future will require more than providing just traditional services by the banking sector. ‘This fosters a need for reliable, stable systems’.

Click here to download the presentation.


Mr. Righard Zwienenberg, ESET Senior Research Fellow

Mr. Zwienenberg presented a high level technical case on ESET’s experience in financial security and stated; ‘Trust and reliability are crucial factors for success in the communication between the Bank and its customer. Even the smallest indications of doubt with regards to systems in use and the financial and customer data they process, can cause devastating effects in the market. That market is already under serious pressure. It takes the most advanced tools to prevent criminals from capturing your data.’

ESET’s presentation has been made available to seminar participants only

Adastra Partnering

Mr. Martin Zahumensky, CEO Adastra Partnering

Finally, Mr. Zahumensky introduced the audience to the world of opportunities in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Quality. ‘It is widely known that there is a massive growth in data. Those data represent are very valuable, provided that one employs them effectively. Informed insights can serve as a catalyst to further developing your company.’

Click here to download the presentation.

Summarized, the seminar successfully introduced the Slovak ICT market as an attractive ecosystem for entrepreneurs in the sector looking to foster new opportunities in software development and beyond.  By connecting people and companies in an informal manner, the initiative fosters access to both markets.

The seminar was followed by a festive networking event that celebrated Slovak culture by means of the opening of an art exhibition of Slovak painter Stanislav Harangozó, where guests enjoyed good quality Slovakian wine, another outstanding asset of this country. The colorful exhibition of Harangozó has been opened to the public and can be visited free of charge in the WTC main entrance hall in The Hague until May 3rd 2014.


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